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Matching success-proven 
coaching and coaches with companies and people

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Life Coaching

Mental Business Coaching

Personal Stabilizing 

G.E.C. coaches are trained in various fields. From NLP mastering to own methodologies and life experience. We listen to your needs and goals to make sure we connect you to the right coach. 

For people that strive for excellence and significance, our business coaches are here to help you to achieve your goals

An effective methodology incl. sessions with an appointed expert that will help you get your stability back.  No waiting list or long assessments. We strive to solve matters quickly and accurately, so you don't have to come back.

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A selection of strategies, methodologies, and exceptional experiences executed by the very people that created them. Global Elite Coaching is an agency that selected these unique and extraordinary success-proven coaches to match them to companies and people so that they can act from inspiration and create a positive impact on their surroundings. 


Discretion and privacy are two of the core values of our company and agents. Our services and affiliate partners are hand-picked not only by their accomplishments and excellence but also because of who they are as human beings.


We are looking forward to being at your service and making sure you, or your family, team, company, or associates, get the guidance that will move everyone constructively forward and personally and professionally evolve from the experiences.


Global Elite Team.

Personal Stabilisation

A practical methodology incl. sessions with an appointed expert that will help you regain your stability.  

  • First Analysis

  • 2 Sessions included 

  • We work remotely, for the ease of our clients




German & International Coaches

G.E.C. Business Coaches

Get in touch with one of our agents to go through the assessment protocol, and we will find you the right coach for your needs.

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Life Coach

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